A quiz I stole off of Ray.

You scored as Kantianism. Your life is guided by the ethical model of Kantianism: You seek to have consistent laws rule your actions, and your will is directed by reason.

"I do not, therefore, need any penetrating acuteness to see what I have to do in order that my volition be morally good. Inexperienced in the course of the world, incapable of being prepared for whatever might come to pass in it, I ask myself only: can you also will that your maxim become a universal law?"

--Immanuel Kant

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Justice (Fairness)








Strong Egoism






Divine Command


What philosophy do you follow? (v1.03)
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i stole this from stefi.

this thing is so wrong its funny. so im posting

What do YOUR livejournal friends think of you? by broadwayrl
favourite color
is only your friend because you told them to bewolfofwere
fantasizes about your feetwillows_scroll
wants you deadladygwenivere
thinks your moms HOTT STUFFdreamsofpixies
wishes they were closer to youwelfy
writes songs about youladydreamfire
loves you very muchrayniday
misses youkeruri
wishes they knew you betteracey24
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i didn't know that the voice of Gaz from Invader Zim is the same voice who does Ed from Cowboy Bebop

"I'm a saaaaad panda"

hahaha my friend at school worked that south park quote into her speech, it was awsome.

well alittle update on myself...
i got a girlfrind now, her name is courtney. she's out there like way way out there. total polar opposite of myself. its hard to find things to do or talk about but we still survive each other company.

im still in school. this quarter i have public speaking and it's killing me, actually it almost did. a word of advice would be that you shouldn't take caffine pills before you have to give a speech. i thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest.
another thing is that im A+ certified now, although the only person who might even know what that is would be paul and forest, i still through that out there. right now im tring to scrap up some spare time to study for my N+ cert. i figure the more certifactions i get on top of my degree, i should be able to land a job get at 40 to 50 grand a year to start. especially if i able to stay single, i want to be able to go back to school and get a batchalors degree, buy a new car, and go visit over seas before im thirty and still not be straped for cash.

that only thing that hasnt changed is the sleepless nights. i just cant sleep.

well i guess ill go off to bed.

good luck to you all

warning: boring dont read

copied off of ashley

Name: Roy
Nicknames: none since high school
Born in: Dayton,Oh
Resides in: Edinburg,Pa
Good Student: as long as its not english
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Shoe Size: 11 to 11.5

Last you:

Had a nightmare: dont remember many of my dreams
Said "I love you" and meant it: never had the chance
Ate McDonalds: i dont im too fat
Dyed your hair: which hair?....OH! i mean....i would never do such a thing
Washed your hair: every morning
Checked your email: today
Cried: when i moved here from mississippi some thousands of years ago
Called Someone: Today
Smiled: dont remember
Laughed: ive had little chuggles but no real laughs
Talked to an ex: i try to hide from her

Do you:

Smoke: nope
Do drugs: nope
Have Sex: nope
Sleep with stuffed animal: Nope
Have a dream that keeps coming back: not that i know of
Play an instrument: alto saxaphone
Believe in life on other planets: im more worried about finding a life for myself
Remember your first love: yeah, unfortunetly it wasnt my ex-
Still love him/her: i always will, i wish i didnt though
Read the newspaper: nope
Have any straight friends: none of them are gay they thats what your asking
Consider love a mistake: only when you dont try
Like the taste of alcohol: dont go out much
Believe in God: he may or may not exist
Pray: i dont think it would help if god existed or not
Go to Church: i dont believe in organized reliegon
Have any secrets: probably
Have any pets: of course; i got a puppy named belle
Talk to strangers who IM you: i try but i dont tak much
Wear hats: only may work hat
Have any piercings: nope
Have any tatoos: nope
Hate yourself: always and forever
Have an obsession: probably
Have a secret crush: a forgotten one
Collect anything: everthing im a packrat
Have a best friend: im not sure
Like your handwriting: as long as i can read it im happy
Have any bad habits: probably
Care about looks: i guess i blame it for alot of things
Boyfriends/girlfriends looks: they look fine when they dont exist
Friends and other people: not really
Believe in witches: naw
Believe in Satan: nope
Believe in ghosts: i hope their not real


Dress: i didnt think that anybody knew i wore dresses
Mood: the usually
Make-up: some genetic material and fat
Music: the wallflowers are playing
Taste: what
Hair: short with long parted bangs
Annoyance: people, work, asswholes, rich assholes, and me (never changes does it)
Smell: i smell not sure but its not bad
Thought: "Where is the reset button for this life?"
Book: comic book Blood Legancy: the Story of Ryan
Fingernail color: skin color i guess
Refreshment: water
Worry: that im not going to make it on my own
Crush: no one
Favorite Celebrity: dont know

Last Person:

You touched: dont remember
You talked to: ashley
You hugged: dont remember
You IMed: angie
You yelled at: i dont yell often
You had a crush on: i dont know
Who broke your heart: hasnt happened yet
Kissed: i would rather not remember

Who do you want to:

Kill: the morning cook at work
Slap: this kid in my class that thinks he knows everything but doesnt know a damn thing
Tickle: ?
Talk to: a friend
Be like: anybody but me

I thought this was cool.

the Edge of the Water

Have you ever been haunted the way i've been by you. And have you ever felt the measure of the days that i've spent waiting, pining you.
i cant see the sun for the daylight. I cant feel your breath for the wind.
I dont want to step from these shadows, till you're comin back again. I've damn the emotions to keep my lanterns lit. Im shaken by this longing coursing through my veins. In my mind i cant make sense of it.
I cant see the sun for daylight. I cant feel your breath for the wind. i get so used to these shadows.
Are you comin back again? Do we give up this search and turn out the light? Give up this holy ghost that rattles through the night?
I cant see the sun for the daylight. i cant feel your breath for the wind. i get so used to these shadows.
Will you chase away these shadows when you come back again?

i cant believe it

for the first time in my life i went up and started talking to this girl who i was interested in. i was standing there, looking at her and something in my head said "just have some balls for once in your life". so i decided "ok im going to get to know this girl", figuring at the very least we could be friends. so i go up and we start talking and getting along. and then she tells me that shes transfering to another school. shes moving this sunday. i cant believe. i just cant believe it. teachs me for tring to be alittle outgoing for once.